Warming Hearts at the Office

Valentine’s Day is great for couples, of course, but why should they get all the fun? Love, after all, has many forms, and romantic love doesn’t have to be king. For singles and those who have to work on Valentine’s Day, this holiday can not only be a little depressing but annoying. That’s why Poptart always does something special for her coworkers on Valentine’s Day. This year, she made Valentine mice out of Hershey’s Hugs and Kisses. And whose heart wouldn’t melt into a big, sloshy puddle of happiness walking into the office and finding one of these adorable little critters in the in box?

photo (86) photo (87)

These little guys (or gals) are so cheap and easy to make! The only materials you need are Hugs and Kisses (any flavor you want!), a glue stick, red and pink paper, a heart die cutter, and a smile.

photo (83)

First, cut out a stack of hearts. Then, fold the bottom of each heart up. This gives the mouse something to sit on.

photo (84)

Now, take the Kisses and rip the paper tag off the top (this will be the mouse’s nose). Then glue the Kiss to the front of the heart, with the bottom flap pointing up.

photo (85)

Now you’re ready to put the back on. Take the Hug and glue it to the back of the heart. Don’t rip the paper tag off the Hug (this is the mouse’s tail!). Your mouse is complete and should be able to stand up by itself!

photo (88)

Don’t forget to add a cute note to the mice you hand out. Poptart and I made about 50 mice, and it only took us 30 minutes. Imagine all the smiles you’ll create at work by handing these out. Crafting a better tomorrow means crafting a happier work environment. So get crafting! And Happy Valentine’s Day!