Spreading Holiday Cheer with Handcrafted Ornaments

To continue the random acts of kindness started with Poptart’s tiny turkeys, Poptart made a bunch of handcrafted ornaments to give away with no strings attached (except for the ones that hold the ornament on the tree, of course).

Please remember that many are suffering financially this holiday season, and a smile and kind gesture from a stranger can not only brighten a person’s day but help him or her survive. And you don’t have to spend a lot to show you care. Poptart made all of the ornaments you see in these pictures from existing supplies in her craft closet. Most of these supplies were bought at local shops like Scrap for very little money.

Poptart decided to hand out ornaments because wherever they are placed, they will remind their owner that others care. The ornaments Poptart made include picture frames; Santas, reindeers, and carolers from wine corks; crocheted wreaths; and chenille stick Santas. She also made adorable carolers from paper towel tubes and elves from wooden beads. Literally, your supply list if you want to make similar items is as follows: yarn, a few pieces of felt, chenille sticks, wine corks, metal hooks (for antlers), paper towel rolls, a couple pieces of foam sheets, wooden beads, pom pom balls, cotton balls, googly eyes (yes, that’s technical crafting jargon), and hot glue sticks.

We will be handing out these cute bits of Christmas Cheer at the Oakland Children’s Parade on Saturday, December 7th. If you happen to receive one, you can post your picture with the ornament on Twitter with #craftingkindness, and we will post your picture below! Most importantly, please pass on random acts of kindness so we can all craft a better tomorrow!

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4

Update: The parade was amazing! And we had a blast distributing the ornaments. We witnessed many of them find new homes, and people have already started posting pics with their discoveries!



2 thoughts on “Spreading Holiday Cheer with Handcrafted Ornaments

    • Thank you for the feedback! We do plan on doing this in the future, but the holidays snuck up on us, and we didn’t have time to record the creation process. For now, we’re more focused on encouraging crafters to use their skills to remake our world (in whatever ways they want) than we are on providing instructions on how to make a craft. We encourage all to send us their own world-changing craft stories and photos or send us a link to your own crafting blog so we can put it in our upcoming “Blogs to follow” list.

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